WWII Bunker

Significant Something #315 • 2 MINUTE READ
Moravia, Czech Republic •  April 25, 2014

Once upon a time while embarking on a spontaneous 450km bicycle adventure from Prague to Vienna, I sought immediate shelter from the rain in a WWII bunker.

Bunkers & Bikes                  Moravia, Czech Republic ~ April 2014

On Day 4 (out of nine) of my impromptu (initially solo) trek to Austria by bike, David (a newly acquired friend and professional bike enthusiast) and I were desperately pedaling through a desolate stretch of fields just as nightfall threatened to leave us stranded in the dark. In addition, large thunder clouds ominously loomed overhead, as we frantically scanned the vast, flat landscape for a nearby town.

Just as fat raindrops began to dot the road around us, our eyes fell upon an old bunker in the fields ahead. With barely a word, we swiftly veered off road, leapt from our bikes and clambered atop the old bunker. We laughed nervously as the sky let loose a brief onslaught of wind and rain, characteristic of a spring thunderstorm, just as we settled inside the lookout shelter. An eerie and simultaneously reverent feeling at the slow realization of our special shelter overwhelmed me in this moment (and admittedly left me feeling more-than-slightly creeped out). Crosses and shrines to Mary flanked the sides of the roads around us, and there was a very heavy awareness of a sad history deep along the borders of the Old Iron Curtain. It wasn’t long before the rain stopped and we got the hell out of there!

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 And we lived happily ever after. The End.



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