Significant Something #807 • 1 MINUTE READ
Brussels, Belgium • April 6, 2015

Once upon a time we met the friendliest, happiest waffle truck driver in all of Waffle Land. His giant, mobile bubble of sunshine had my wandering heart skipping delectable beats.

Waffle-Van-Dream-Man                                 Brussels, Belgium ~ April 2015

Because my first experience with the Belgian waffle van was so special (it was the real thing), I became obsessed with waffle van sightings. Each waffle van a little different; each a little special; but every single one a happy occasion for a sweet treat.

The waffle vans weren’t just a visual wonder under a grey sky, they also produced belly-satisfying desserts for just a few coins! And, witnessing Thetis’ uninhibited delight as she devoured her waffle in reckless abandon only affirmed the undying affection I had for my Greek travel buddy. We were caught up. Hard. In an edible love affair.

As we continued to hunt down these golden nuggets on wheels, I was transported back to my childhood when I had chased after the delicate ringtones of the Ice Cream Man (the true OG of all dessert vans.) The flock of neighborhood kids and I frantically raced down our suburban streets with barefeet slapping against the concrete, eager arms waving to catch up, and greedy hands clutching all of Mom’s loose change. Such sheer delight relived.

I went to Brussels and fell in love with the waffle van man.

And we lived happily ever after. The End.


*Featured image courtesy Thetis Lyda; edited by Nicole



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