Luggage Race

Significant Something #1,061 • 1 MINUTE READ
Zábřeh, Czech Republic • February 7, 2016

Once upon a time I earned an honorary spectator medal for my presence at a luggage race. I was invited to a tiny village in the Czech countryside by my dear friend, Jana. Under a monochromatic sky and a working hangover, we stumbled upon a luggage race. A race with suitcases…and apparently skis. ⇓

Suitcases & Skis                 Czech Republic ~ Feb. 2016

In baffled amusement we cheered the young and old around the open field, where they paused to take shots of the Czech essential: plum brandy. It’s difficult to say who was more entertained by our unsuspecting encounter. Nothing could please me more than being handed a megaphone (and a shot!) for a proper Ode to Slivovice.  Oh yeah, we made the local newspaper. Výborný!

And we lived happily ever after.  The End.


*Featured images courtesy Thetis Lyda; edited by Nicole

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